Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities


Jeremiah Partners offers a range of investment vehicles, including Real Estate, Private Growth, Media, and Sports. All of our investments conform with our twin missions of achieving excellence and high investor returns, as well as a faith-based social mission of giving back to the community and offering hope to those less fortunate. Jeremiah is committed to driving global inspiration by investing in and optimizing socially responsible companies, and delivering superior returns to all stakeholders. Our chief investment businesses are described below:

Real Estate

Jeremiah Partners is excited to offer proprietary opportunities in the Jeremiah Properties investment vehicle comprising the exclusive option to purchase ownership interest in a diverse set of compelling investment properties. Jeremiah’s successful 6 point strategy encompasses: 1) Opportunistic partnerships, maximizing market dynamics, 2) Exclusive focus on value-added, uncommon property opportunities at attractive investment valuations, 3) Leveraging of the Jeremiah network, particularly financial services channel contacts, 4) Geographic focus where a real experience base exists, 5) Opportunities have exclusive time-sensitive options for purchase, 6) A disciplined, long-term investment lens. A number of select Jeremiah Properties currently exist, both domestically and internationally, offering attractive low risk/high return opportunities.

Private Growth

Jeremiah Partners private investment growth vehicle invests in small cap businesses with strong leadership, attractive growth prospects, positive cash flow, and solid fundamentals. We take a long-term investment approach, focusing resources and Jeremiah disciplines on furthering the growth of portfolio companies. JP invests first and foremost in committed, high integrity, passionate company leadership. We act as a true partner to portfolio companies by providing capital, operational expertise, industry contacts at the highest level in the US and abroad, and access to the Jeremiah network, ensuring each portfolio company delivers business and social profits. Target sectors include, but are not limited to Food, Wellness, Automotive, Distribution, and Technology. Jeremiah employs a disciplined, staged approach to evaluation and investment according to established investment criteria.


Jeremiah Partners is committed to global inspiration through the creation and distribution of conscious media. By delivering positive and inspiring content via a unique business model in the TV, Film, and Music channels, 1720 Media is firmly pointed toward the future dynamic evolution of the entertainment industry. With our operating investments and partners, 1720 Media is committed to leading in this sector. This leadership will, we believe, translate into outsized returns for all shareholders. JP is offering the opportunity for like-minded investment partners to participate and join our journey to fulfill an important business and social mission.


By applying the mission and vision of Jeremiah Partners to the sports management industry, a substantial opportunity exists. 1720 Sports is a significant investment opportunity for like-minded investment partners to join in the development of a positive and profitable sports business. Strong demand is evident from families and key stakeholders for such faith-based guidance, ethics, and professionalism. With a unique and powerful business model, 1720 Sports has the opportunity to be a game changer in the industry, shining light by operating ethically and making a positive difference in the lives of athletes and their community.

New Initiatives

Jeremiah Partners is always looking for rare and uncommon growth investment opportunities. Among the promising new investment opportunities being pursued by JP are investments in clean technology ventures designed to minimize environmental impact, as well as Infrastructure projects and assets on a global scale.