Our Approach



Built upon a foundation of faith and a platform of responsibility, ethics and good stewardship, each of Jeremiah’s investments conforms with our twin missions:

1. A business of achieving excellence and high investor returns,
2. A faith-based social mission of giving back & offering hope to those less fortunate

Having successfully built our portfolio, we are now for the first time offering investors the opportunity to be a part of the Jeremiah family. As important developments – years in the making – come to fruition, we have an unprecedented opportunity to deliver on our twin missions and our creed of shining light and creating inspiration.

Jeremiah Partners is anchored by four investment vehicles: Real Estate, Private Growth, Media, and Sports. Jeremiah has proprietary, ready-to-launch projects in each sector that provide unique and outstanding return on investment opportunities with exceptional sector leaders attracted by, and committed to, the JP missions and creed.

Jeremiah Partners is a committed, purpose-driven private investment and advisory company. Our approach is centered on biblical principles and a fundamental belief in the power of people and committed leadership. We are building a company with unlimited opportunities, where like-minded partners can participate in our growth and development, as we prove out in demonstrable fashion that profit and purpose can intersect and coexist in a powerful way.